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Ready to help students recover from a tough year at school? 

Become a Legacy Fellow and change your corner of the world!

The pandemic has challenged students, families and the educational community in ways never imagined. SAGE wants to help you foster the recovery of our educational systems.

As a Legacy Fellow, you will design projects that make a lasting impact for K-12 students in Oregon or nationwide. During the 9-month program, you’ll work with community stakeholders and our team of professional coaches to identify a specific area of need and then develop an action-oriented solution.

The 2021 Program begins in MAY - Space is limited, apply today!


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This Year’s Course:
For the Love of Learning

This year, SAGE's Fellowship program is centered on a single call to action:

How can we help students recover from a tough and traumatic year at school?

Students, families, and educators in every community have experienced historic disruptions to their lives. School shutdowns, remote learning and changing schedules have been enormous challenges for everyone.

Persistent and systemic challenges such as racism and inequitable distribution of resources (food, housing, health, education) have intensified these traumas in ways previously invisible to many people.

Explore below how can dig into these issues to come up with collaborative solutions!

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This year’s Fellowship focuses on how we can:

• help students recover, rebuild and thrive;

• help community groups rebound so they too can better support our students, teachers, and schools

• imagine new ways we can all collaborate to change our systems for the better

Read on to learn about this year’s course or click below to apply!

Join us for The Love of Learning, a nine-month leadership program offered by the SAGE Legacy Fellowship.



For the Love of Learning (open enrollment now)

Help students recover, rebuild and thrive

Offered by SAGE Legacy Fellowship​


Economic Opportunity (coming soon)

Course is not yet offered

(planned for fall 2021)


Environmental Sustainability (coming soon)

Course is not yet offered

(planned for spring 2022)

"The Legacy Fellowship is life-changing and the most skyrocketing help toward true leadership.”"

Stephanie Smith

Legacy Fellow

“This program has given me a way to articulate and actively participate in meaningful giving. I am clearer about my priorities and how to align them with my core values.”

Deb Child

Legacy Fellow

"The Legacy Fellowship is life-changing and the most skyrocketing help toward true leadership.”"

Stephanie Smith

Legacy Fellow


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