Give forward. So future generations can thrive.

SAGE is a public charity that works across generations and engages people in our region’s nonprofit organizations and social movements. 

We offer our nine-month Legacy Fellowship to train and support Fellows to lead community benefit projects of their own design. SAGE’s coaches, advisors and partners help Fellows define an area of need and then break down a solution into small steps. Through the program, Fellows launch their own focused project to change their corner of the world for the better.

We offer our Fellowship because we believe there is a need for people to innovate, take risks, and accelerate solutions to the challenges we’ll face in the future. We also know that Fellows who lead projects inspire others to do the same: a virtuous cycle. 

This year, and in response to the pandemic, SAGE is offering a special Fellowship program centered on our call to action: How can we help students recover from a tough year at school? Read more about this year’s course here.

Why become a Legacy Fellow? 

• Make a lasting impact and create an opportunity for the future.

• Strengthen your project leadership with help from our coaches and advisors.

• Join our supportive community and encourage others to lead projects too.

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